Monday, November 12, 2012

beauty blogger headquarters november task

i joined the beauty blogger headquarters this month and am loving the concept, "this blog was created solely as a tool to help out our fellow bloggers, this is just a friendly community where we can share our experiences, tips and how-to's for building your social media accounts, blogs, websites etc". today i am taking part in a bit of a tag they created for beauty bloggers. hopefully this will give you guys a little insight into why i blog and how i got started :)

how long have you been blogging?
i created the lily white english rose in april of this year.

who/what inspired you to start blogging?
for me blogging is like scrapbooking or journaling, a place to store all my thoughts and things that i have done just in a digital format. originally it meant i could write about my adventures of living in america but as i have grown my focuses and what i like writing about have changed and so has my blog.

did you tell your friends and family about your blog? if so what was their reaction? are they supportive or "in the dark" about your blogging?
my sister knows about me blogging because i tell her everything, she doesn't really get it but thats okay because its my thing lol. nobody else really does either as for me its just something i do not publicise but if i were asked of course i would let them all about it.

what goals or dreams did you have for your blog when you started? have you accomplished them?
honestly i didn't know if anyone would want to read what i had written so my main goal was to find people who did. in the past 9 months i honestly cannot believe what i have achieved through my blog; i have meet loads of amazing people, guest posted on other blogs, has other guest posters on the lily white english rose, been part of giveaways, won giveaways the list goes on but i had loved it :D

if you could give your beginner-blogger-self one tip of advice what would it be?
blog because you love it and no other reason. some people myself included at times concentrate more on the statistics and not the reason behind why you blog.

what is your favourite and least favourite thing about being a blogger?
my favourite thing about blogging is all the people you get to "meet". the blogging community is so friendly and helpful. i know that if i need help or input there are people out there that even though i have never actually meet them in person they will help in whatever way they can. my least favourite thing is how attached to my blog i have become. now that might not sound like a bad thing but i am a bit of a perfectionist so i like things just so which can take a lot of time and effort. i recently had a blogging break which i found really helpful as when i came back i had a new leash on blogging and a new love for it.

what does your blog name mean? how did you decide on it?
my best friend gave me a couple of nick names based on the fact that i can go on holiday to some exotic place where its nice and sunny and still come home pale. she would always compare my skin to an english rose or call me lily white, so i put the two together and i had the lily white english rose :)

pop over to the beauty bloggers headquarters and see how other bloggers answered these questions :D


  1. This is a nice get to know you better post!
    I totally relate/agree w/the blogging comment. My blog is fairly new (summer start) but already I'm learning like you said, that there are so many great people to meet, things to do, find, win, etc. in the blogging world. It's busy, but definitely fun!

  2. Hey girl, I'm so happy to see you are enjoying BBHQ so far. Don't forget to email a link to this post to so we can share your post on the website :)
    oxo Krystal

  3. Thanks for joining the hop!
    Be sure to drop by my blog tomorrow & join my blog hop


  4. New follower from Tea on Tuesday and love your blog! I have a 10 month old and often neglect my own beauty needs and hope to follow your blog for help!


  5. I love your blog!! I found you through BBHQ. I agree with... pretty much everything from why you should blog, to your advice to beginners, & what you like about blogging! I love the community I've become a part of & I love 'meeting' new people as well! The way you came up with your name is so cute! I loved it! Hope you can stop by my blog too! Thanks!! New subbie here!!