Monday, November 19, 2012

laura mercier secret finish

this is a product i have been lusting over for a while and i finally took the plunge and bought the little beauty last week. laura mercier secret finish mattifying claims to control shine and absorbs facial oil, mattifying skin on contact. it is a very silky gel that after using daily for the week totally stands up to its claims. i have oily skin and find myself powdering my face through out the day to reduce the oil on my skin but i hate that doing this can make my face look very over done. this product is great as it does the same job as powder without the added colour. the unusual thing about the secret finish is that unlike other mattifying primers i have used this one you apply on top of your make up. i was worried that applying a gel after my make up would smudge or move it but it is unaffected. for intensely oily skin you can also use this as a primer and then on top make up as well, although i have just stuck to the second. as someone who deals with oily skin on a daily basis for me this is a miracle product :)


  1. I have oily skin also, this is something I'll have to check out!
    Beauty by T

  2. I've been using Urban Decays DeSlick but I'll have to try this out!!

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  4. I'd love to see live how it applys!!such an innovaiton that you can apply it on top...tho i think there is a simmilar product but in a compact from a brand called mally beauty or something like that

    Bea =)