Sunday, November 4, 2012

local hawaii sugar guest post

i have the lovely nicole from local hawaii sugar looking after things here for me today and honestly after reading this guest post she put together for me i had to refrain from buying a ticket to hawaii straight away!! i so want to go after reading this :)



I'm a wandering soul, I just really truly am.  And, when Jess invited me to amble on over to her sweet English garden she's cultivating here, well... here I am soaking in her beautiful light and sharing my love for wander with you all.  Thanks Jess, for letting this wandering soul rest for a bit in this amazing space you are creating here.  

A favorite post of mine from my little launching off spot here.

If, By The Ocean.

If, by the ocean you see a path... take it.

It may not lead to where you thought you should go, but it just might take you to where you were meant to be.

And if, by the ocean you see a little someone leaving little footprints behind... follow them.

You'll want to go where they go and see what they see, trust me. 

If, by the ocean you see a rock... stand on it.

And look out further than you once thought possible. 

And when the ocean moves you... go with it.

Let the waves wash over you and carry you and make you anew.

live sweet, 


Just a little sweetness from our early morning walk at 
Kokololio Beach Park, Hau`ula, Hawaii.


  1. So so gorgeous. Yeah, that would be sweet to wake up to that all the time! :)

    Cathy Trails

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  2. Beautiful! I so enjoy both of your blogs, it's fun to see them together! xoxo