Sunday, November 25, 2012

mini haul - benefit, lush and fresh

so today i thought i would share with you my little haul from this week. i popped into lush to check out the new christmas stock as it has been raved about all over youtube and the blogging world and was really impressed. they have some lovely gifts but i was pulled in by their new shower gels. twilight has to be my favourite, its packed with lavender and shimmer which i love as lavender is my favourite scent and who doesn't love a bit of shimmer. the other one i bought was ponche simply because i was so intrigued that it is an orange juice and tequila shower gel. i cant smell the alcohol at all just the lovely fresh orange scent but its nice all the same. i love to use ponche in the mornings as its very energising and twilight at night as for me lavender is a very soothing and calming fragrance. 

the other brand that made up the majority of this haul was benefit. i have been looking at the benefit blushes for ages but couldn't decide which one to try but it the end it was hervana that i bought home with me. firstly the look of it is amazing, the blush contains spirals of rose and berry shades that when swirled together achieve a lovely pinky glow on the cheeks. little side note how amazing to benefit blushes smell! i also picked up the bad gal lash mascara, which is incredible. if you are afraid of humongous brushes though i might steer clear of this one. but i loved it, it makes my lashes super long with only a couple of coats. i picked up the pore professional after loving a sample i had of it, it helps to mattify my skin and reduce my pores. and the lovely sales lady also gave me samples of the watts up highlighter, which gives a lovely creamy golden finish, and the laugh with me lee lee perfume.

finally i picked up the fresh sugar lip polish. their lipbalms are gorgeous but i really wanted to try this product as it makes such a difference to the surface of the lips and then the application and look of lipstick. this is fab! it smells so yummy i have to stop myself from licking my lips when using it lol its fine particles buff my lips lovely with hardly any effort. do you have any of the products i bought and if so what did you think?


  1. Great haul, i love the porefessional and i have wanted to try watts up for so long, would love a review :)