Sunday, December 16, 2012

all things christmassy

8 more sleeps til christmas!!! :) this week has been all about the up coming holiday season, our tree is now up in the living room, i had a monster of an afternoon wrapping all my presents and the boys and i have made enough christmas cookies to last us well into the new year. if you haven't guessed already i love christmas and for me its the time of year when we go all out, so the next couple of weeks are jam packed but today i thought i would share with you some of the fun things i have been up to.

my friends and i went over to bellevue for the evening to see snowflake lane which is basically a mini christmas parade complete with music, dancers and fake snow all in the streets which i loved and just made me feel so christmassy. we also went to the botanical gardens where they have converted the entire place into a light fest. it was so pretty and so cool, there was even a complete aquarium made from lights.

the final thing of this week was i got to go and see the nutcracker at the pacific northwest ballet. but the big twist is that my host dad works there so i got to watch form backstage. it was the most incredible experience!!! you could see all the costumes up close which are so pretty and so detailed and see all the staging being bought on and off. but the best thing was that during the snowflake dance my friends and i got to use the snow bags and make it snow on stage!!! after all this i am so ready for christmas to get here and cannot wait to give the boys their prezzies :D


  1. I love watching the Nutcracker ballet!

    I love the Nessie lights lol

  2. oh my gosh! the pictures are gorgeous! my children will love to see this. We have something similar like this in our area but I don't take them there because it is cold and I don't like being in the cold hahaha. well maybe I have to take them now after I see these pictures.

  3. i think christmas lights are crucial in creating the christmas spirit, they are simply so pretty and magical!


  4. I walk around the house all year long shutting off the lights we are not using but come Christmas time I go crazy and have so many lights on twinkling all over the house.
    We turn them on in the dark of the morning to cheer up the people on their way to work in the cold, wet weather and then back on again in the afternoon where as you know on the west coast it gets dark at about 4:00.
    Christmas just isn't Christmas without light displays to warm us up.

  5. New follower! Found your blog through the blog hop, can't wait to get to know you more :)

  6. So lovely that you got to see the Nutcracker from backstage! That is one of my all time favorite ballets! And it totally gets me in the holiday spirit.

  7. LOving all the lights!! My favorite thing about Christmas!!

    Found you through the Beauty Obsessed bloghop!! Happilly following along!

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  8. I love Christmas lights so much. The sparkle really makes the season brighter.


    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  9. Amazing Christmas lights! We haven't went to look at lights yet this year. It's on my list, though!

    Stopping by and following from the blog hop!

    julee @

  10. Woooow, so many pretty lights! I really love seeing people's Christmassy photos. :) xo