Wednesday, December 26, 2012

caudalie beauty elixir

as its nearly the end of 2012 i thought i would review what i think of as one of cult beauty items of the year. now even though the caudalie beauty elixir has been around a while and every blogger and their dog has done a review on it i still thought i would throw my two pence in just in case you wanted to hear it lol, so hear we go...

described as a part toner part serum mist the caudalie beauty elixir contains grape, orange blossom, rose, mint and rosemary which working together help to calm and freshen the face while tightening pores to give a radiant complexion. the product can be sprayed after cleansing as a toner or used as a setting spray or make up refresher. the scent is the most controversial topic between beauty bloggers and one where there seems to be no sitting on the fence, like marmite its either love it or hate it. personally the smell doesn't bother me and mixed with the refreshing nature of the mist does make me feel more awake. however after using an entire bottle, just a few sprays morning and night, i haven't seen a change in my skin for the good or better and with such a price tag am not sure if i would repurchase a skincare product that feels nice but doesn't actually have any real benefits. have you tried what might be one of 'the' beauty products of the year?


  1. No, but it's on my list. I definitely have pores that need closing.

  2. I just got it today and i think is nice for plane travelling. also i like the look over make-up, but i have to use it more to know if it does something for me or not!

    Bea =)

  3. I got some of this off of the internet and haven't had a chance to try it yet but after your review, i'm thinking I need to get it out and give it a try because my pores could use some tightening up!

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