Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas cookies

theres only 14 more sleeps until christmas!!! :D i'm a little excited, can you tell lol. christmas is my favourite time of the year, i love everything about it...the living room complete with decorations and a wonderful smelling tree, pretty lights hanging outside, big family meals and children being excited all the time. as my family are in the uk i love getting involved in all the little things to get ready for christmas over here in the states so that it still feels just as magical.

this week the boys and i went over board with making christmas cookies, we now have 3 tins of them in the kitchen thanks to our massive baking session, a holiday party with a cookie exchange i went to for all the seattle au pairs and a tin we got as a present - not that i'm complaining about the abundance of cookies :) so i thought i would share the ones we made with you guys. we used the same recipe that we always use, the one i have posted about before, if you would like to try it the recipe can be found here :)

also some of the yummy looking ones i saw on pinterest, and because i haven't done it for a while i'm also going to be linking up with michelle from the vintage apple for oh how pinteresting.

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  1. OMG These are sooo cute. I would never eat them.

  2. Oh wow so many ideas for cookies!!! I really can't choose which one is my favourite LOL The green spirals are fantastic and the snowflakes are just too cute! I wish I knew how to bake this kind of cookies... I don't even have cookie molds! haha xx

  3. Those cookies you made are amazing!! This post makes me want to go and bake some cookies haha! Xx

  4. I love cookies!
    Thanks for linking up at the friday chaos this week.


  5. oh my goodness. I don't think you realise how fit them cookies look. NOOOMNOOOM
    Check out my blog and maybe follow each other? Just leave a comment.
    I'm soon doing a GIVEAWAY, hopefully for Christmas. :)


  6. Oh I love baking so I go a little crazy this time of year. These photos are beautiful and so inspiring!

    I found you through the blog hop. I'm a new follower! Hope you'll stop by sometime.


  7. These are adorable! So excited to be following you, now.... Thanks so much for joining in on the GFC hop.... ((Hugs))

  8. My mom and I used to twist uncolored and red dough together to make candy cane cookies when I was little. Then we'd crush candy canes and sprinkle the cookies with the dust.

  9. I made the last tree one last year and they look really good! This post also makes me hungry though haha xx


  10. Mmmm, so cute and festive! These are making me hungry :)



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