Sunday, December 30, 2012

empties : winter edition

as we are nearing the end of the year i thought i would do my very first empties post seeing as i have got quite the stash of bottles and tubes that need clearing out. i love reading empties posts and also watching empties youtube videos as you get to see what people really think of products as they have had a proper chance to use them, you aren't just getting there first impressions. 

this season was my chance to try some of the famous cult beauty products including bioderma and the caudalie beauty elixir (full post here). both were lovely products but it would be bioderma that i couldn't live without as i have noticed a positive change in my skin since i started using it, now when i cleanse my skin feels throughly clean and it makes sure every scrap of make up is removed gently. winter for me was also when i had a good skin care overhaul and really started to take care of it by adding in steps to my regime that i had never touched before. origins plays a big part in this and so far i am loving so many of their products, i love that they are all natural and it seems so does my skin. two that i seemed to fly through were the make a difference skin rejuvenating treatment and the spot remover acne treatment pads. as soon as i was out of the moisturiser i went out to buy another one and am already making my way through it, its thick enough that my skin is hydrated but as its more of a treatment than a thick cream there is no residue left and more importantly no excess oil or grease. the acne treatment pads were nice but i prefer the regular spot treatment as i can target a specific area and its alot stronger so you can feel it working as soon as you apply it. 

my hair has been styled and cut the same for years (just past shoulder length and slightly layered) however at the end of the summer i decided to grow my hair and now have a certain of it down my back (think just past bra strap level) so as with my skin i started to pay more attention to the ends and its overall condition. two products that i loved but unfortunately wont use for a while as my hair has got used to them so the effects are great any more, is the herbal essences long term relationship shampoo and conditioner. designed for long hair with added red raspberries and brazilian silk these made my hair feel strong and in great condition. hopefully after a good break i can go back to using these and see similar results like i had a few months ago. the burts bees shea and grapefruit deep conditioner is a lovely once a week treatment. my hair was soft  but not slippy like i have found some deep conditioning treatments leave it. it has a very subtle scent to so you don't get a waft of it every time your head moves. i am currently trying other masks but would buy this one again. the living proof style extender was a nice product but for me didn't do what it said on the bottle (post here). final hair care product is lush big shampoo. i have heard so much about this product in the bloggy world and decided to get a sample. this is lovely and throughly clarified my hair, i was initially a little worried about putting chunks of sea salt on my hair but it was so nice and sort of exfoliated the scalp and lathered up so so much. when i have finished my bumble and bumble sunday shampoo i will definitely be buying this :D

for me winter means lots of body scrubbing and lots of moisturiser to makes sure my skin doesn't dry out in the colder months. soap and glory flake away is my all time favourite body scrub - it smells heavenly (she says sat typing and sniffing the empty jar at the same time) and as its very granulated and contains so many essential oils its helps smooth my skin. another favourite is the carmex healing lotion, i use this as a body cream and love it as it sinks into my skin instantly and its not really scented so doesn't over power or interfere with the shower gel or scrub i have used before. both of these products i would buy time and time again. for shower gel recently it has been the lush limited edition (boo hoo) twilight shower gel. again i am sat sniffing the last bit of smell out of the bottle. i love this, the lavender sends me straight to sleep and the surprise glitter at the bottom is such a lovely touch, if only it wasn't just available at christmas!!! my last two products go together, the hugo boss orange perfume and body lotion. both such nice products with slightly sweet scents but as i am always switching and trying perfumes i wouldn't buy this again just now. 

i hope you all liked this post, sorry for it being so long but my collection of empties had gotten a little large. i love reading posts like this so am hoping you will too. have you tried any of the products featured and if so what did you think? if you would also like a proper review on any of these please just let me know :D


  1. I love your blog pop over to mine sometime xxx

  2. Ooo you finished off some lovely products here. I love Flake Away also, I love all Soap and Glory products because they smell so divine :D


  3. oh i need to empty some products!! most def.

  4. You finished so many products! Great reviews and good job!

  5. I enjoy reading reviews and gathering ideas...thanks!!

  6. Hi, Great post. I found you through the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. Have a great week.

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    A great post
    Is the bioderma a cleanser as I thought it was a makeup remover