Thursday, December 20, 2012

its totally fort worth it

hope you guys will forgive me for my little blogging break this week, i literally logged onto my computer to write a post today and realised i hadn't in a while even tho i had post ideas at the ready, completely slipped my mind but with the holiday very fast approaching (5 sleeps!!!) everything has been go go go. 

anyway today i wanted to share with you my nail polish of the week. for a while now i have been loving very warm festive colours; reds and golds, but this week i have been loving this silvery shade by opi. its totally fort worth it is a quite sheer silvery colour with tiny reflective particles that in the light are pink and gold. i love this colour as it is so pretty especially when the gold and pink show up. this shade is not only great for the holiday season but for everyday as it fits firmly in the nude family, its so wearable. to get this effect i had to apply 3 coats but as opi polishes dry so fast its not so much hassel :D


  1. Love this color!
    I must buy immediately!

  2. My coworker just gave me this nail polish for Christmas! Can't wait to try it out..

  3. Ahaha I agree, it's totally fort worth it.