Friday, December 7, 2012

nyx lipglosses

the nyx megashine lipglosses are quickly becoming my new product that i want to own literally every shade. these three i have picked up in the last couple of weeks and am loving them! first is the shade perfect, a soft pink with gold shimmer that when applied looks practically clear. this is a lovely shade for everyday as it is so subtle. next is beige, possible the most random name compared to its colour. it is actually a gorgeous pink colour, think your lips but better with a little shine. finally natural, although this looks really brown in the tube when i apply it it is a pinky nude that i am loving at the moment. these glosses are great as they aren't sticky at all but the best thing has to be the smell! they smell exactly like the cherry tootsie pops and it doesn't go away even when applied :D

the shade ranges from almost white icy shades to deep reds, plush red being my favourite and possibly the next one i'm going to add to my little collection. these are really hydrating and last quite well for the price you pay for them, around six dollars. have you tried any of the nyx megashine lipglosses?


  1. I love nyx lipgloss. I would buy them all too.
    I was thrilled when i saw they were available in switzerland (since you can only buy them online in spain) but the prizes are way up to the roof it's crazy. i would pay almost 3 times its real prize and I dont think is that worth it...where do you get them?

    Bea =)

  2. I've always wanted to try NYX lip products, they look amazing. Gorgeous colours too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. I didn't expect such great pigmentation from a drugstore brand. NYX isn't the easiest brand to find around here though...

  4. Here it's nowhere to be found :( They look super cool!