Sunday, January 27, 2013

asking for trouble

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if you have seen my recent facebook or twitter posts you will know that last week i was totally sucked in by a new book. for the entire week gone was netflix after work, instead i commandeered the big comfy chair for the evenings and read and read like the little book worm i am at heart :)

so the book that  enticed me is asking for trouble by elizabeth young. i got this for christmas and after reading the back cover knew i had heard the story somewhere before...

"unmarried, thirty-year-old sophy metcalfe told a little white lie to soothe her nagging mother. the white lie's name was "dominic," the ideal boyfriend: charming, successful, the kind of prospective son-in-law that would make any mother proud. but now that sophy's thin and beautiful sister, belinda, is getting married, dominic is going to have to make an appearance in the flesh-which should be a pretty neat trick...since the genuine article vanished from sophy's life after a single, singularly un memorable evening. so she resorts to a very drastic measure-aka josh carmichael, the escort she hires at the very last minute, sight unseen. but the trouble with white lies is that they tend to multiply. the trouble with rugged, too-sexy, and independent josh is...well, that sophy's actually beginning to like him! even if they make it through the wedding day from hell together-with its new intrigues, old flames, and all-too-familiar faces- there's the night that follows...and, of course, the morning after. and that could end up being the biggest trouble of all!"

i got about half way through and realised that this sounds like the book the film 'the wedding date' was based on (love that film with debra messing!) the book its self was great, i was hooked right from the start as i had never read anything with even a slight similarity to this plot. the situation itself is just funny and the amount of hilarious situations they got into had me in stitches. this is definitely a light feel good read that is perfect for holidays or just to lighten your mood.


  1. I will have to put this on my to read list. I love 'The Wedding Date' and i'm sure I would love a movie similar to it. :) I'm a total bookworm. I think i've read 6 or 7 books as of Jan 1st and it's still January. haha


  2. Sounds like a great book. We've all at some point wished we could just hire someone to pretend to be our boyfriend for one reason or another.

  3. Definitely going to have to add this to my to-read list! Sounds like it's a funny read. I think I may have to check out "The Wedding Date' as I've never seen it :)

  4. Sounds like a great book!

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  5. I love seeing book reviews. This seems to be right up my street. I definitely want to check it out :) x

  6. Great book review, I will have to put this book on my list.

    Kate x