Thursday, January 17, 2013

french roast

i am in love with my manicure this week, mainly because my nails have finally grown long again. i used to bit my nails for years and years when i was younger and honestly my nails were a disgrace. having stopped a couple of years ago its not just my nails that are growing now its my nail beds too. so now with a weeks growth i love the look of them. the colour i used this week is from the new revlon colour stay line and the shade is french roast. i love this colour is so gorgeous, its a deep reddish brown with a shot of multicoloured glitter in it. this shade is a perfect alternative to the darks i love wearing on my nails, the brown makes it not as harsh compared to the vampy purples and reds i love. the line of polish is amazing as well, it wells so good and only chipped on my nails after 4 days :D


  1. I've been looking for a decent shade like this for ages! great post xx

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  4. I always keep my nails short because I break them on everything! Love that color and the flecks of gold in it!


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  6. I love Revlon polishes, such great quality!! And this is a beautiful colour!

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