Tuesday, January 15, 2013

morning skincare routine

today i thought i would share with you my morning skincare routine. i love watching videos like this on youtube and also reading posts about skincare as it introduces me to so many new products and lets you see what people really use, instead of just testing them out for a review. i am going to be making two more posts like this one, one on my evening skincare routine as it varies slightly and also one on the little extras i sometimes add in a couple of times a week for a little extra pampering. but lets get the mornings done first...

for cleansing in the morning i love origins checks and balances frothy face wash, i have written about this before (post here) and am still loving it. this leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without the added tightness or dryness i sometimes find other cleansers give. pictured above is a brand new bottle as i have just finished my first and repurchased, but because this stuff is so frothy when lathered onto the skin you literally need a pea size amount; my first bottle lasted me over 4 months! next up is toner. toner is an area where i am quite disloyal, i have tried a few different ones, favourite is the cult product the caudalie beauty elixir, and at the moment am using murad clarifying toner. this makes my face feel fresh and really wakes me up in the morning. this one is made for acne prone skin and helps to get rid of excess oil without drying out my skin. tarte maracuja oil (post hereis a new type of product for me. for years i have been terrified of adding extra oil to my oily prone skin but recently having read so many posts on how beneficial it is even to oily skin types i decided to give it a go. in just a little while i have seen great results, my skin feels healthier and i think looks a little better. origins ginzing eye cream is amazing, every single time i use this my eye area looks more awake and looks like i have had loads of sleep even if i had none. its not at all heavy and sinks in really quickly making any puffiness disappear with it. the origins make a difference + is a holy grail product for me. i use this as my moisturiser but it is unlike any other one i have aver used. it has a gel like consistency that absorbs immediately and leaves no shine or residue. it also acts as a perfect base for my make up, my skin is evened out after i have used this and my pores are hidden. the matte finish to it also makes my foundation last longer during the day just like a primer would. finally due to my acne prone skin i have to use a kind of spot treatment. again this is another area where i love and am willing to try new products. currently in my bathroom cupboard is clearsil acne and marks spot lotion. after using a lot of natural products in my routines this does feel a little harsher but used daily is helping to reduce the scars and marks left by my blemishes. it also contains salicylic acid which is meant to help prevent acne, i personally haven't noticed a huge different in the frequency of my acne but for its other benefits i am going to finish up the rest of the bottle. 

i hope you guys liked my little introduction to my skincare routine and as i mentioned i love reading these types of posts so please let me know any recommendations you guys have for my oily acne prone skin :D


  1. I use argan oil for my acne prone skin, it helps a lot with the scarring..I will write a post about it some time soon.I'ts the only thing I use now as it's fast and get's all my makeup of.

  2. love the post!!i love reading about skincare. waitting for your other posts to go up!

    Bea =)

  3. i love origins products!! they make my skin feel so smooth :) stopping by from the blog hop :)

    xo Britta

  4. I only use my face oils at night because I don't like the way it makes my makeup look during the day. It was hard to get me to try it as well.

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