Thursday, January 3, 2013

style envy ginnifer goodwin

welcome to 2013 everyone!!! one of the things i always look forward to in the new year is all my favourite programs coming back on the tv after their long winter break, because honestly i can't stand it when they drop a huge bombshell and then i have to wait six weeks to find out what happened. so next week most nights at some point i will be snuggled up with the tv watching, get ready for the long list, pretty little liars, bones, vampire diaries, 90210, supernatural, nikita, revenge, beauty and the beast and last but by no means least once upon a time. and for this month's style envy i had to pick the beautiful ginnifer goodwin, who stars as snow white in once upon a time.

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now the most obvious thing and the thing i love about her style most is the bold pixie cut. i love this look so much even though i love long hair, this just looks amazing on her, perfect for her bone structure and features. as time has gone on from the first time we saw her new do it has obviously got longer but this has meant she can work it into different styles; prim and proper almost boy cut, spiked up rock chic or a girlie tousled look. which ever way ginnifer goodwin wears it i love it.

the second thing is her style. in earlier years she was very conservative with her clothes but since the big chop her fashion sense has developed. she still retains her girlie look at heart but instead on it being the main focus we see it now in the details, a little lace, soft tones and floaty materials. its the shape and cut of the clothes that have in my books earned her a more edgy look. i love ginnifer goodwin's style and for me the step up in the fashion department has done wonders for her.

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  1. Yes yes yes! The days are empty without my favorite shows! And Gen, Oh my gawsh! Love her and the show (so does my son!) :)

  2. I love her femininity even with the short hair!

  3. I missed all my favourite shows too:) I only started watching Once Upon A Time recently but I can already tell that it is going to be a firm favourite of mine xx