Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the dream closet of every girl?

so girlies i am afraid being stuck in bed with the flu for the past couple of days threw a major spanner in the works for my planned blog posts. so seeing as all i have been doing is lying around watching my guilty pleasures on netflix, namely rom coms especially how to lose a guy in ten days because who can resist funny kate hudson "our love fern! you let it die!!!" and gorgeous eye candy that is matthew mcconaughey, i thought i would share with you something i am really looking forward to next week.

sex and the city was the show that many 20 somethings grew up with and pledged their loyalty to one specific character, were you a carrie, charlotte, miranda or samantha? i probably act more like a charlotte but lets admit it we all want to be carrie. i loved the show and was probably where my love of fashion initially came from and seriously after seeing all the amazing outfits and shoe closets who wouldn't turn out to be a fashion lover. next week sees the start of the carrie diaries, a series based on the prequel book for the series. now i have never read any of the books but if this prequel is anything like the real thing we are in for a treat.

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the carrie diaries looks back at carries teenage years when she first set foot in new york series and her own love of fashion was firmly fixed in place although looking at this promo photo for the series she needed little education, seems she already has a closet i would die for. already we can see the trade mark heels, gorgeous thick hair and bold choices of mixing prints and styles; silver sequins, green leopard print and red heels who would have thought. fashion is like the fifth character of the show and honestly it would be lost without so here are my favourites :D

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  1. The shoe closet every woman dreams of <3

  2. Newest follower! Looks like I'm number 500!! Woot!! I love SJP! Stacie xo

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