Wednesday, February 27, 2013

american anniversary

Next week marks one and a half years since I moved to the states. i cannot tell you how quickly that time has pasted and how many amazing things I have done on my little adventure. It feels like I only got here yesterday but in a weird way it feels like I haven't lived back home in England for years and years and years. I have loved every minute of this journey and would do it again in a heartbeat.

So for today's post I thought I would do a little reflecting about all the things I would miss here in the states but also what I am really excited about going back to in the uk. Now needless to say the biggest category for both of these is family and friends. I am now part of a whole other family out here in Seattle and even though officially I look after three boys as an au pair it feels like what I have really done is gain three little brothers. I am going to miss them so so much when I go back home in six months (some of you might be wondering why I am worrying about that now, but the time really does fly) as well as all the lovely girls I have made such good friends with from all over the world. On the flip side I am so so excited about seeing my mum, dad and sister again it's unreal and also all the amazing people I left behind and who stayed in contact with me whilst I had my adventure.

Now for the funny ones...

In America I am going to miss -
Having a Starbucks on every corner
The gorgeous cat I just kind of claimed as my own
Extra holidays like thanksgiving
Having lucky charms for breakfast
Shops being open all day on a Sunday

In England I am really looking forward to -
Shopping in boots and super drug with all the uk branded make up
Getting two little kittens!!!!!
Trips to topshop
Having proper chocolate, need some cadburys
Sneaky pasties from Gregg's

Make sure stop by tomorrow as I have a really exciting project starting for the month of march as a little celebration for my birthday!!! :)


  1. Wow that is such an amazing opportunity you've had! Lucky girlie!! I'd love you to check out my blog x

  2. Jess! I feel like I've come across your blog before but for some reason haven't followed - until now :) Looking forward to reading more! I did sort of the reverse to you (minus the au pair situation) in that I lived in the UK for a year (I'm Canadian). It was such a great experience, not easy at times, but well worth it. Glad to hear you are enjoying this side of the pond :) There are all sorts of things I miss about the UK as well - especially the makeup! And Primark. haha

    Katie | the text you want people to click on in your comment to get to that URL

  3. top shop and cadburys! i love both! two things i'm looking forward to when i go back to england. hopefully you'll be able to get back soon

    thanks for linking up at the almost friday thursday blog hop!