Sunday, February 17, 2013

beautiful creatures

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this wasn't going to be the post i was going to publish today but after seeing this at the weekend and being blown away i just had to rearrange to make space for this little review :) my friend and i went to see beautiful creatures the other day, a fantasy film which looks into the world of casters, another term for witches, from the point of view of ethan, a mortal who has fallen in love with a girl he has never met except for in his dreams. on the first day of the new school year a new student walks through the doors of small town gatlin's high school and is literally the girl of his dreams. lena wants nothing to do with anybody but ethan cant stay away from the mysterious girl who lives with the town shut in. as everyone else whispers about her being a satanist ethan gets to the bottom of all the gossip. she is actually magical and has amazing powers, we see her make it snow in the hot southern winter and reveal invisible writings on her walls. the problem is when a female caster turns sixteen her powers will either be claimed for the light or for the dark, lena very soul is being battled over, with her uncle on one side and her powerful dark mother, who she had never met, on the other.

i loved this movie and now am itching to read the books by kami gracia and margaret stohl. it was really interesting having the story told by the leading male as most of the films i have seen with a similar theme are told by the female whether she has powers or not. beautiful creatures tells the most amazing love story and honestly all through the film i was like i need a man like that lol. i loved emma thompson in this film, she plays an evil character but doesn't do it in the typical way, she gives a really unhinged performance which for me mad the charactrer seem that much scarier. i also loved emmy rossum in this, she plays a cousin of lena's and i so want her wardrobe! we see both ethan and lena sacrifice so much for their love - family, friends, even love itself. i loved every minute of this movie and when it ended was sat there going nnnnnoooooooo!!!!! if you haven't seen this movie and love supernatural and fantasy film you need to see this :D


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  2. From what I've heard, the movie is so different from the books. I already have 3 things that bother me that I've heard. Also from others who have read the series, they changed the movie so much that they don't know how they will do sequels.

    Regardless...I want to see the movie SO badly!

  3. i saw the trailers for this and didn't think it would be anything great but now i'm keen to see it. i agree with what you've said about it being done from the males point of view, that's really interesting.x

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