Friday, February 22, 2013

beauty swap with l'amour josie

i love living in america, don't get me wrong but there are some things that i miss about the uk. leaving aside all the important things like family and friends and moving on to the more material things i have really missed british brands for make up! i never in a million years thought i would be saying that about make up its true lol. so when i saw that josie from l'amour josie, was looking for someone to do an international swap with i jumped at the chance. 

we each asked for the things we were coveting and just couldn't get our hands on; i went for brands that are difficult to find in the us namely - rimmel (very limited selection and the newer products take forever to make it across to the states), topshop make up ( there is some on the website but honestly compared to the prices i'm used to back home its so so expensive!), mua (as i've never tried anything from them) and sleek (again never tried anything from them). so onto the lovely goodies josie got me :D in all honesty near all of these i asked for because of the hype surrounding them and couldn't wait to try them for myself and the others i just loved the colours :D 

i got...
  • rimmel apocalips lip lacquer in big bang and galaxy
  • rimmelscandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal eyeliner in nude
  • rimmel wake me up instant radiance shimmer touch in shimmering sand and radiant rose
  • topshop highlighter in sunbeam
  • topshop blush in morning dew
  • topshop lips liptick in macaroon, whimsical and innocent
  • mua undressed eyeshadow palette
  • mua nail constellation in libra and gemini
  • sleek blush by 3 in lace

i absolutely loved swapping with josie and of course once i have had a chance to play with these full reviews will be on the way!! its a great experience not only because you get to try some amazing make up that you normally wouldn't be able to get a hold of but i got to get to know a lovely girl :D her blog is amazing so if you haven't already make sure you stop by and say hello!!! :D


  1. Oh my gosh!! You got amazing things!! So lucky! Makes me excited for an upcoming swap xx

  2. Wow what a great swap xx

  3. literally everything you got is currently on my wishlist, im so jealous ! x

  4. I follow so many UK blogs, that I find it so rough that I can't get a lot of the make-up that they review, so I know how you feel about not being able to get stuff! And you're so right, the prices online are just crazy...
    Can't wait for a full review though!! :)

  5. What a lovely beauty swap! Living in the UK, I would definitely recommend what she sent you! :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. I live in the UK and I have many of these products haha. I love Topshop and Sleek so much! I'm yet to try the Rimmel Apocalips though so hopefully I will get these soon! Lovely post xx

  7. what an awesome swap!
    thanks so much for linking up with saturday morning coffee today!

  8. Oh how I miss english drugstore & topshop makeup
    I'm sure you'll love all these itens on the long-run :)

  9. Josie got you some lovely items, I love MUA nail caviar :) lovely blog so I followed you xx

  10. Awesome swap! you got some lovely products :)

    Sita xx

  11. Love all the TopShop stuff! So pretty! :O

    - Andrea Marie xx

  12. I like the shades of the eyeshadows especially. Nice choices of makeup. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  13. Hi, I came across your blog from #bbloggers blog hop! I'm looking forward to reading more posts :)

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  14. Hey Jess, you have a lovely blog :) I found you via Josie's blog.

    You chose some fab items! I love Topshop lipsticks and the Sleek blush palette, they are sooo good! xx

  15. I am doing a swap with my friend who lives in Canada...these are some great ideas to send her. I feel a bit bad cause most of the products they can't get over there are drugstore...but to be fair the drugstore products you can get in the UK are definitely superior to the drugstore products in Canada. Definitely need to pick up some Topshop products for her!

  16. the lipsticks from topshop look so pretty!!


  17. Hello dear :) nice blog and cute post! fabulous products :) now follow you with pleasure and if you're passing by me ;)

    Kiss Tea.