Thursday, February 7, 2013

blue slate

its no secret that i love the revlon colorstay nail polishes, so much so that i have shades in them that match other brand colours as i love the formula that much. but i really love it when i try one of their shades that is a completely original addition to my collection. this little beauty is one of them. blue slate by revlon is a blue grey that i have been wearing no stop recently as its a very transitional shade. a few weeks ago my nails were always covered with dark vampy colours, now as spring is getting nearer and the weather gets a little warmer pastel shades always make their way back into my favourites. this softer shade lets me add a little colour without going totally pastel, not quite ready for that yet. 

i also read this week that revlon will be expanding the colorstay line adding 4 nail polishes (trade winds, seashell, jungle, sheer sunburst). they will also be adding 4 new lip butters (wild watermelon, juicy papaya, sorbet and pink lemonade), 2 new eyeshadow quads and adding an entirely new product - baby sticks (tahitian, pink passion and sunset) to their range. cannot wait for march to get here so i can add them to my collection :D


  1. nice! Thanks for sharing :) anyway, I love your blog, how about following each other? I am following you now :)

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  3. Hi Jess, just browsing through the Nail Files link up. I actually really like this color. Good pick!

    Happy Friday,
    Kali Now Living

  4. That is a gorgeous shade


  5. Pretty shade! I will need to try the Revlon polish sometime. I've seen them before and they have the prettiest colors!

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  7. forgot to say i am now following on GFC lol x

  8. This is a lovely shade!

    Kimberley x

  9. This is a really lovely unique colour, Really like it!

    Pipp xx

  10. Oooh I love this! Can't wait to see what else they release, as well :)

    Lela -

  11. This is such a great color!! I've loved Revlon polish since I was in junior high!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)

  12. What a pretty colour! I have bare bones and I really like it, I may have to expand more though, as I do like the colorstay formula a lot! Looking forward to the expansion of the lip butter range too :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  13. What a beautiful shade!
    I'm really excited about the new Lip Butter colours :)

  14. This is a really unusual shade :D

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  15. Heya, Jess! My name is Jess too :) This color is awesome & so is your blog. Now following via the blog hop.

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  16. I saw Jungle a week or two ago. It has this really interesting yellow-green shimmer on top of a dark, forest green. The blue that you're wearing always catches my eye too. It looks great on you.