Thursday, February 21, 2013

bold sangria

as you guys know i am a sucker for deep vampy shades. it doesn't matter if its 100 degrees out side and i'm in shorts and a t'shirt, most of the time my nails are painted in dark purples, reds and black which are usually seen more in winter and fall. but i just cant help it, personally i think that on my nails the darker colours my them look longer and my fingers look nicer with these shades too. some shades i have tried in lighter more pastel colours make my skin tone look really fun or if they are really light as if i either have no polish on at all, so what was the point of painting them lol. when i saw this little beauty in the store the other day i knew it was going to make my collection of dark purples even bigger but i just don't care lol. this revlon colorstay nail polish n bold sangria is gorgeous, its actually relatively light for a deep purple as in it actually looks purple rather than looking black. and as with all of the other polishes from revlon i have tried, it is a dream to apply, on my nails it doesn't take forever to dry and leaves a really glossy look so most of the time i skip a topcoat, naughty naughty. 


  1. Really pretty! I love almost black shades xx

  2. EEK! This is a sexy shade! Love it! :)

  3. Hi Jess, wow that is my kind of colour, and i love how glossy it is, must pick this up i think.
    I cam by via jessie's blog hop but see i followed you on GFC last week, so this week i followed you on she said beauty as i desperately need followers on there myself :)
    Angela x

  4. Love love love this shade! And omg you do your nails like a pro! wish i could!

    xo, Vita

  5. Love this shade and want it xx

  6. What a lovely shade, your nails are a lovely shape too!


  7. Pretty nails ^-^

  8. Love this colour!

    PS: Your nails look amazing!
    Beauty by T

  9. Hi from your newest follower :)

    found you through the No Rules blog party and I also spotted you on the Aloha friday blog hop (small world!)

    love this shade of nail varnish, I agree with you with the darker shades too much prefer them to a pastel shade :)

    Great blog you have, looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

    Shel @ Sweet Petite

  10. Oooo! That's a really nice colour!

  11. That is a really beautiful color. Definitely adding it to my wishlist

  12. Oh! That's a gorgeous colour!! :)