Tuesday, February 5, 2013

l'oreal clolour caresse wet shine stain

it seems the entire blogging and beauty world alike have gone crazy for the new concoctions of a lipstick and lipgloss in one product. the first big one on the scene was the YSL glossy stains, this luxury product has the feel and shine of a lipgloss but the colour pay off and stay power of a lipgloss. with the huge buzz surrounding these it was only a matter of time before a drugstore version finally made its way on the shelves.

enter the l'oreal colour caresse wet shine stains. these little beauties have been dubbed the dupe for the glossy stains; the packaging is very similar, a gold casing with a clear section to show the different colours and the effect created is also comparable. i love the concept of the shine stains as i love wearing colour on my lips but i hate when a lipstick or stain leaves them feeling dry, this completely solves that problem as the gloss added keeps your lips nice and hydrated. one quick coat of the gloss adds a nice amount of colour that sinks into your lips staining them and leaving a gloss like after a lipbalm has been applied, once a second coat has been added the colour becomes more pigmented and rather than disappearing the gloss stays put. i bought the shade rose on and on to see how these faired and will definitely be getting more. this is a gorgeous soft pink colour that suits my skin tone and adds a my lips but better glossiness to my lips when i wear it. 

if the YSL glossy stains are a bit too far out of your budget these are a great alternative, they have a fab colour range with 12 beautiful shades to choose from. i really want to get endless red and coral tattoo for a brighter choice with spring coming up.


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  3. This looks gorgeous, can't wait till we get it over in the UK!
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  4. I have the YSL one in Rose Viynl and this colour looks really similar x

  5. lush colour xo