Thursday, February 28, 2013

manicure march day 1 - sharpie nail art

welcome to manicure march!!! march is my birthday month so i wanted to do something special and a bit different of my blog so every day of march i will be bringing you a different manicure everyday :) some of them will be gorgeous new colours i have found while others will see me trying my hand at nail art. i also have some lovely girlies joining me for guest post with their favourite manicures and even a sneaky giveaway thrown into the mix as well! i am so excited that this little project i have been working on for the last month has come together and cant wait to show you all the things i have come up with...

this first manicure as many of them will came from inspiration i got from pinterest. the sharpie manicure is for me the easiest way to create nail art as you little draw on your nails with a pen and any little mistakes can simply be wiped away with a little rubbing alcohol. now i didn't have any gold or silver sharpies so i decided to use these calligraphy pens instead, they are more difficult too remove but i fond if you draw the design and apply a topcoat straight after the ink sets with the polish and can be removed so much easier with nail polish remover :)

i am loving polka dots right now so here is my polka dot manicure. i used  the rimmel base coat top coat pro for both my base and top coat and essie lilacism for the full nail colour. i decided to try both the silver and gold colour for the polka dots and am loving both of the colours, the gold really stands out but i love the silver against the lilac :D


  1. So cute and that looks easy enough that I could probably do it! I have a horribly unsteady hand when it comes to doing nail art.

  2. LOVE this! Definitely going to try it ASAP

  3. Great dots! So symmetrical with the pen versus a dotting tool. Awesome!

  4. Inventive! :) Very cute!!

  5. Gorgeous! I tried to do some sharpie nail art last week but didn't put a top coat on it (because I thought it might smudge the sharpie) - but by morning all the dots had rubbed off! So annoying. I'll try that top coat next time. The silver on purple looks lovely!

  6. Really cute! I totally love the silver against the lavender as well! I will have to give this a try. You can also use the end of a makeup brush dipped in nail polish to achieve polka dots as well, but you probably already know that!

    Great manicure! Can't wait to see more!

    Sending you sunshine,