Tuesday, February 12, 2013

nyx mini haul

i love a good sale and since being in the states nyx is a brand that after hearing nothing about it in the uk has become a firm favourite over here. so i was over the moon when i popped into the cosmetics aisle the other day and saw those lovely red stickers marking everything on the stand down! nyx is a very affordable brand any day of the week so it was even more appealing with a little discount. 

i picked up some of their single eyeshadows in my favourite neutral colours after only having tried their blushes before. i am really pleased with these, for a drugstore brand the pigmentation is good and they blend really well together, hopefully this isn't just because i picked similar colours. i got sparkle cedar - this one has the least pigmentation so i would probably add this across the lid after creating a smokey eye just to add a bit of sparkle, utopia gold - a soft bronze shade that is great for an everyday colour, root beer - my favourite of the bunch not just because of the name, this is a taupe shade with hints of purple that i have fallen in love with, this reminds me alot of mac's sable, and finally cryptonite - a dark grey with lots of shimmer that i picked up to add when i am feeling more of a vampy look. 

i also got a couple of their eyeliners and lipliners. again pleasantly surprised with these. the lip liners are great as they are really soft so it doesn't feel like i am trying to rip my lips off when applying this. the shades i picked up were nude pink and sand pink, both very wearable colours that with a little gloss on top gives that my lips but better look. they stay on quite well, not the best in the business but will do for an evening out. the eyeliners are fab, i was very impressed with the colour selection. cafe and satin blue especially caught my eye. as you can see its not my usual neutral but i couldn't resist this gorgeous blue shade, i'm hoping to get alot of wear out of it in spring maybe along the lash line?


  1. They look gorgeous! I'm a new follower from followers to friends blog party!:)

    Belle Epoque

  2. These look great! :) I want to order some NYX on payday, can't wait :) x

  3. The eyeshadow shades look so lovely!


  4. The shades you picked are lovely, I've tried a few things from NYX, the only thing to disappoint was the lip liner but I think it's the colour more than anything! Great post!

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    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  5. Love everything that you picked up :D i've been meaning to do a NYX order for ages now because i want to pick up the Jumbo Eye Pencils. Great post :D

    Just stumbled across your blog through the bbloggers blog hop and i'm your newest follower :D would love it if you'd stop by and take a little peek through mine

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  6. I love NYX, I need to try some of these!
    - Andrea Marie xx

  7. I love NYX eye shadows. There so pretty :D

  8. Those eye shadow colours would make a great quad!

  9. The eye shadows are gorgeous!
    I've just started branching out and using colors other than nude lol
    Great finds!


  10. I love the Sparkle Cider and Utopia Gold shades, very easy to wear and I can tell I would already love them.


  11. Sparkle Cedar is gorgeous!!



  12. I love NYX, those are gorgeous colors!

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