Friday, February 8, 2013


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the shopaholic series by sophie kinsella is my favourite ever set of books as it combines my favourite things - a ridiculous love of shopping and chick flick genres. honestly after reading the four books before this you can't help loving the main character becky, its as if kinsella combined the bet friend, the ditzy girl you can't help but love and the hopeless romantic. if you haven't read the other books there is a little spiler coming up! so after getting her prince and finding out about a long lost sister becky finds out her perfect little family of two is going to grow by one as little baby brandon is on its way. this part of the shopaholic series sees becky go through pregnancy and discover yet another reason and department to shop. at the end of the book baby clothes are coming out of her ears and she somehow manages to buy 5 prams for one baby. the shopping part is the fun part of her pregnancy but hers does come with lots of downs; first her obgyn turns out to be luke's ex-girlfriend from college who turns out to be a bit of a psycho, her dream house - complete with a shoe room - turns out to be more hassel to her own closet than its worth and she manages to go into labour in the middle of a photo shoot for a magazine that she treats like her bible. its safe to say that this book is by no means boring! i love kinsella's style of writing, its so easy going that i can easily read a novel in one sitting. i think i loved this one even more as becky's life gets another dimension thanks to the baby and she explores the real fears that first time mothers go through. i have read the book after this wear we get to see becky's life with the baby and that one doesn't disappoint either :D safe to say i would recommend any of kinsella's books :D


  1. I love this series of books too! I've read them all quite a few times!

    Kimberley x


  2. I too love these books, you HAVE to read mimi-shopaholic. I've just found your blog and I'm following! :') x Olwyn

  3. I love her books!!
    Hi from your newest follower from the Blog Hop! Would love a follow in return!