Tuesday, March 12, 2013

manicure march day 10 - nail polish collection reds and purples

one of the things i wanted to do within this month was to share my ever growing nail polish collection. i thought about doing this all in one post but it would have been far too long so instead i am taking a couple of days within manicure march to show you my favourites. today im tackling the reds and purples.

these are probably the shades i wear most on my nails, as you have heard me say before i love a dark nail. first up the reds...

thumb - china glaze merry berry
index finger - essie raspberry
middle finger - OPI you only live twice
ring finger - china glaze red satin
pinky - essie jelly apple

and my over love purples...

thumb - sinful colors winterberry
index finger - essie recessionista
middle finger - revlon colorstay bold sangria
ring finger - OPI honk if you love opi
pinky - essie devil's advocate

i love all of these as the formulas are great, yes i am a big essie lover, and the colours are gorgeous but my favourites would have to be china glaze merry berry, a deep raspberry red, and essie devil's advocate, the deepest darkest purple it looks almost black :) what is your favourite red/purple nail polish?

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