Friday, March 1, 2013

manicure march day 2 - vintage floral nails

I love florals in any form but had never had or tried floral nails and since I have renamed this month manicure march I thought it was about time I changed that :) this design took a lot longer than some of my others as there were so many layers and waiting for each bit to try without touching or smudging anything was a pain but for me the end result was well worth it, so pretty :)

After applying my usual base coat, rimmel base coat top coat pro, I painted on my base colour. Nails inc porchester square is a nude beige with a slight hint of purple that works great for the vintage vibe i was going for. I then took Essie island hopping, a dusty pink, and using the biggest dotting tool I had put a couple of dots on each nail. Then using a smaller dotting tool I adding a dot in the middle of each circle in Essie recessionista, a gorgeous magenta, and small irregular lines around the edges for petals. I used Essie mojito madness, a bright green with a pastel side in just one coat, for the little leaves and Essie lilacism, very pale lavender, for the tiny dots to finish the look. After a quick swipe of my top coat my vintage floral nails were done :) 

Although this was a little fiddly with the dotting tools and I sometimes found my nails to be too small to put all the detail I wanted on there I love the look of these nails, the muted colours make this great for everyday while the flowers add that little something special. 


  1. I love it!! I love the base color you used... you make it sound so easy :)

  2. I love it too, though would have no patience myself xx

  3. These nails are gorgeous, I can not wait for spring!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. love! you did such a great job!