Thursday, March 28, 2013

manicure march day 29 - birthday manicure by spellbound nails

Hello everyone! I'm Ashley from over at Spellbound Nails. I'm really excited to be doing a guest post for Jess, especially one for her birthday!! What else could I possibly do but birthday nail art? With a little input from the birthday girl herself, I came up with two birthday cake inspired designs.

The first is a pink nail textured to look like a soft and crumbly birthday cake with white 'frosting' drips and bright pink sprinkles. This look was created with a base of Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl. For the texture, I first mixed a little bit of Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power with Beautiful Girl and dabbed this mixture lightly over my nails with an eyeshadow applicator. To create the lighter texture I used a bit of Sally Hansen Pink Blink mixed with Beautiful Girl. The drips were done with a nail art brush and LA Colors White. The sprinkles are Fuchsia Power and were dotted on with a medium dotting tool using varying pressures to create larger and smaller dots. Using top coat on the 'cake' will ruin the texture. If you're anything like me though you'll want the frosting to be shiny; to do this I used my nail art brush to carefully paint top coat over the drips.

This is definitely a mani that can be worn all party long. And they will be sure to get many an ooh and an ahh from your guests.

The second mani is one you know won't last all party long, but you'll certainly enjoy the looks of shock on your friend's faces when they see them! The birthday cake texture of these nails was done the same as the first mani. However, instead of adding drips I painted the very tips of my nails in a wavy pattern with top coat. While the tips were still wet I dipped them into actual cake decorating sprinkles. You'll need to work quickly and push any sprinkles hanging over your nails back; you might even have to remove some if they won't fit. Then lightly press the sprinkles down onto your nails. This will make them bond better, giving you longer wear, as the top coat dries.

I had so much fun creating these nails, and I hope you enjoyed them just as much! :)


  1. They look lovely xx

  2. Hello, I am here from the Monday Mingle hop, and am now following you on GFC and Bloglovin' :-) Thank you for this informatice post and I can't wait to see more from you.

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