About Me

i have been on this planet for 22 years now and this last one i created the lily white english rose so i had a place to write my thoughts and opinions but most importantly my adventures. i'm an english girl currently living the american dream in seattle and have caught a serious case of the travel bug. whats going to come next who knows but my list of places i'd like to visit/live just keeps getting longer and longer...

where i want to go:
paris, singapore, barcelona, venice, thailand, washington dc, rome,
hawaii, india, kenya, california, madrid, portugal, south africa,
new zealand, australia
honestly i could carry on that list forever but i wont bore you with that lol. so this little corner of the world i have created here is for my ramblings about travel, beauty, fashion, books, cooking and possibly some other little random things along the way. thanks for stopping by :)

heres a few little random things about me to help you get to know me better...

  • i paint my nails far too often as i just love choosing new colours
  • my ideal night in is movie, ice cream and loads of blankets
  • i think coconut is the best flavour...yummy
  • disney is the greatest thing EVER
  • i would love my book collection to turn into a mini library one day
  • i cannot save money to save my life
  • i love striped clothing and lacy detailing
  • i am so not a morning person
  • i love driving in any weather with the windows down, heated seats on and the music blasting
  • i cannot imagine not having a cat in my life
  • my favourite colours are mint green, teal and pink
  • i am an english girl born and bred
  • if i like a lip product i buy nearly all the colours in the range
  • i love watching re-runs
  • my sister is my best friend <3


  1. you are gorgeous!

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